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[xmlblaster] Attempt to use Epinions XML-RPC foiled by ignorance

I'm trying to rewrite the php demo to use the Epinions XML-RPC module
native to recent versions of PHP.  I'm not certain if I am missing
something about how xmlBlaster works, or if I'm just doing something
wrong with the RPC.

My script looks like -

$xb = new xmlBlaster("estate1", 8080, "yoyo", "yaya");
echo "SessionID: ";
echo "<br>";
echo "Publish value<br>";
$xb->publish("<key oid='airtraffic.windspeed1' contentMime='text/plain'>
                  <speed id='2' unit='knots'/>
               </key>", "YOYOMAMA");
echo "Get Value: ";
print_r($xb->query("/xmlBlaster/key/wind/speed[ at id='2']"));
echo "<br>";
echo "Logout";

and the publish method looks like -

  function publish($key, $doc) {
    $qos = '<qos></isDurable></qos>' ;
    $messages = xu_rpc_http_concise(
                    'method'	=> "xmlBlaster.publish",
                    'args'	=> array($this->sessionId, $key, $doc, $qos),
                    'host'	=> "estate1",
                    'uri'	=> "/",
                    'port'	=> 8080

I see in the GUI console that the number of published messages rises
when the script is run (it now stands at 81).  Yet the queries result in

CALL [RequestBroker-/node/http:] Entering
get(oid='http_192_168_3_1_3412-1033379994471-58', queryType='XPATH',
query='/xmlBlaster/key/wind/speed[ at id='2']') ...
TRACE [XmlKeyDom] Goin' to query DOM tree with XPATH =
/xmlBlaster/key/wind/speed[ at id='2']
INFO [XmlKeyDom] 0 MessageUnits matched to subscription
"/xmlBlaster/key/wind/speed[ at id='2']"

even if run from the query utility in the GUI console.  I copied the key
XML and XPath right from the FAQ, so obviously I'm missing something
about how to get at published messages.

function get($key){
  $qos = '<qos></qos>' ;
  $messages = xu_rpc_http_concise(
                  'method'	=> "xmlBlaster.get",
                  'args'	=> array($this->sessionId, $key, $qos),
                  'host'	=> "estate1",
                  'uri'		=> "/",
                  'port'	=> 8080
  return $messages;
 } //get

function query($query) {
  return $this->get(sprintf("<key oid='' queryType='XPATH'>%s</key>",

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