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Re: [xmlblaster] Some QOS Questions

>hey, good papers, we may publish a copy on our site, if you agree.

Sure, they are all copyrighted under the LDP license (Linux
Documentation Project).

I have one on XML-RPC at
ftp://kalamazoolinux.org/pub/pdf/xml-rpc-2002.pdf maybe you'd want to
link to or make a copy of.

>A few notes from my site:
>The  </isDurable> stores the message via the Persistence Interface in
>either FileDriver or Xindice, the default is not durable, the message is
>lost, when the server goes down.
>The </isVolatile> brings the server to delete the message, after it has
>been delivered. This has nothing todo with durability. The default is not
>volatile. Please note that volatile messages force high load of the server
>since it has to add and remove every message to the DOM-Tree in the

Ok, I've corrected the above issues.

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