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Re: [xmlblaster] Newbie: xmlblaster and large messages/recovery of partial transfers

Darrell Berry wrote:

Yes that's what I guessed -- I'll have a play and report back.

However after sending this email I guessed that splitting a file then
sending it in parts would probably at the moment be necessary outside
the xmlblaster framework -- as you say I for one would have
autosplitting/reassembly/recovery firmly at the top of my feature
request list -- it would be fabulous if the libraries could do that
automagically without having to have that code in the application --
presumably parametised so that you could have different slip point
sdepending on hardware and network performance, to tune it for different

Yep, this would be a nice feature.
A client subscribing could declare on connect the max message size
and xmlBlaster automatically sends smaller tokens etc.

Currently i'm deep in work - so i can't contribute this for the time being


I realise my needs are a long way from short text messaging, but there you go!

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You could add a little java client which divides the file into 10 MB pieces, and the receiver concatenates them again.
(Hmm, this would be a nice new feature in the xmlBlaster client lib -
eventually in future -)

keep us informed about your tests ...