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[xmlblaster] Newbie: best way to implement client-server message queues?


A general question.

In a simple client/server model, where lots of clients will each connect
at various times to pick up whatever mesasges are waiting for them
(individually) on the server, what's the 'best' way to structure things?

The key requirements are that:

- clients may not be online when the messages are posted
- each client is allowed access only to its 'own' messages
- each client gets each message once and once only

Effectively I want a set of message queues, one for each client. I can't
see one of your demos which does exactly this, but I'm probably missing
something very very obvious!

In fact, how does message-level security work? I can see how you
authorize clients for connection, but I can't see how you can restrict
access to particular messages. 

Again, missing something I assume -- I can see from the javadoc entries
that you have a secuirty manager, but I'm definitely NOT a java
programmer, so how to use it isn't obvious ;-) if anyone has any
examples in other languages (pref perl or python) that would be MUCH

(sorry I said this was a newbie question).

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