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RE: [xmlblaster] Newbie: best way to implement client-server message queues?

Ok that's what I thought. I think for the moment I can get by with Ptp
and the very bad security of each receiver having a 'secret' name. I
know that's not really any security at all, but it will let me get on
with developing!

Last question for today (maybe): the client.feeder and client.reader
classes (great names, by the way) offer a very easy way of accessing
their functionality from, basically the command line for PubSub -- is
there anything like them for Ptp, so I can from some other code call
something like

   Client.PtpFeed <receivername> -k <xmlheaderfile> -c <contentfile>


   Client.PtpReadNext <receivername>

...which would take the next message from the queue for this receiver?

Failing that, has anyone seen any Ptp code in perl or python (sorry I
know java is lovely, but the rest of what I'm working on is in those
languages, and it would be nice to have at least a little homogeneity!)

Thanks again for your extremely useful help -- if all this is in a
tutorial somewhere, tell me to go away and read it!