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Re: [xmlblaster] Gobal without xmlBlaster.properties

pra at mint.se wrote:

I think I am going crazy (or perhaps I already am :-)), but I reallu
thought I had a way of getting a Global without autmatically getting the
xmlBlaster.properties search and loaded, but no - its still does it. Is
there really no way of construction a glob (instance, new, clone) that
does not also entail a loading of the default properties file? (Its
really not good to have this behaviour in an embedded environment .-
especially JMX where you are excepcted to

1. Configure your stuff through the MBean.
2. Be able to have multiple instances.

So again: is there really no way of doing this?

And if no. Is it ok that I ad one?

Salute Pjotr,

i have not checked this in code yet, but feel free to add this option.