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Re: [xmlblaster] Logging (Factory)

Peter Antman wrote:

On 6 Nov, Marcel Ruff wrote:

2. It has its LogPluginInfo (stolen from PluginInfo - but without

What about keeping our PluginInfo, remove all unnecessary logs and only
keep the single log.warn().

Sorry, I was unclear (and tired). The problem with PluginInfo is not so much the logging, but that it's construcor requires a PluginManagerBase. Our plugin manager is however not based on PluginManagerBase, because of the logging problem, and therefore it can not be used as an argument when creating PluginInfo.

OK, sorry i didn't notice this fact.

I think we can chose between:

1. Accepting that logging is special. If you look at log4j for example
  you can see that log4j components is forbidden to use log4j for
  logging: it must use another api!

I don't understand this, sorry (too early in the morning (inEurope) without a coffee).

2. Create a I_PluginManager that PluginInfo take, and that both PluginManagerBase and LogDevicePluginManager can implement.

Yep, this is nice.