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Re: [xmlblaster] question about xmlrpc subscribe

Hello Joan,

I don't understand very well the problem.

Can you send me a little PHP code that reproduct the problem.
Have you got a same code in Java. If not I can write it for testing like Marcel asking for.


Joan M. Carroll a écrit:

Hi -
I am trying to clean up some work I have been doing
on a xmlBlaster-based php app/page (based upon the
php demo released in july).

I have a couple of questions (one at a time though...)


When I 'subscribe', the response packet comes back with
a null value. (which i have been happy to term 'success':-)
i was expecting to get back a subscriptionID.  in fact,
i would really like to have a subscription id (would sure
help when i try to un-subscribe later)

i am subscribing by key oid. everything else about the subscription works (i.e. session owner starts to receive specific 'update's etc). i have also noticed that *some* raw update packets contain a subscription id ...

i know that it is now possible to force a subscriptionID,
but is there something special i should be doing to
ensure that i can get one (generated by xmlBlaster, without forcing it?)

thank you in advance


p.s. code snippet: (will look familiar;)

$rpcmsg = new xmlrpcmsg( "xmlBlaster.subscribe", array( new xmlrpcval($this->sessionId(), "string" ) ,new xmlrpcval($key, "string" ) , new xmlrpcval($qos, "string")) );

sample data values:

$sessionId = string(54) "sessionId:"
$key = string(44) "<key oid='stuff' contentMime='text/plain' />"
$qos = string(35) "<qos><sender>guestkh</sender></qos>"


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