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[xmlblaster] Re: [xmlblaster-devel] New to xmlBlaster


welcome to xmlBlaster!

On Thu, 21 Nov 2002, Kelli Fuller wrote:

>I am not sure if I have the correct mailing address for what I'm trying to
>accomplish here so I apologize in advance if this email has been sent to the
>wrong place.

You're almost on the right place, this is the list of developer
discussions. There is a xmlBlaster list (without devel) where users
messages (like yours) will be exchanged.

Just subscribe as you did for the devel list.

>I want to establish a correspondence with someone to answer questions that I
>have regarding understanding and using xmlBlaster with Java and a
>publish/subscribe architecture. I am new to xmlBlaster, as well as EAI on
>whole. I have some pretty basic questions right now such as...
>1. Can I change a key on a message that exists in the queue?

For my understanding, once a message has been published, it's published
with the given key.

You may erase it, or publish the same content with another key or change
the mime types.

>2. What does unsubscribe really do for me? Does it change the message in
>some way so that if I run subscribe again, that message won't be picked up?

It stops the xmlBlaster notifying you about privious subscribed messages,
subscribed either per oid or per XPath.

If you subscribe again, the behavior depends on some qos settings.

Take a look at the demo/HelloWorld clients and play with them to see how
things working.

It's real fun!



>Please let me know who to email to find answers to these, and future,
>questions. Thank you very, very much.