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Re: [xmlblaster] Point to Point Perl Client question

Kelley Phillips wrote:

I'm examining XMLBlaster as a possible MoM solution to
connect various applications.

Does anyone know of any Perl Client Point to Point examples of
using XMLBlaster?

PtP markup is the same for all programming languages, please see


Also, I slightly modified the XMLBlasterClient.pl to test the sending of a 2.5MB encrypted file in the message and noticed that although the publish of the message was fairly quick the downloading of that message took over 50 seconds. Any ideas of how to make this faster? Or if there are better methods to call?

I just tried (newest cvs)

java junit.swingui.TestRunner -noloading org.xmlBlaster.test.stress.BigMessage

which publishes and updates a 3MB message:

Publishing of BigMessage with size=3 MB done, avg=5454 KB/sec [ 550 millis ]
Publish+Update of BigMessage with size=3 MB done, roundtrip avg=1318 KB/sec [ 2 sec 294 millis ]

on my 600 MHz box.

I believe your net is slow or there are some issues with XmlRpc or Perl, probably
our Perl expert Cyrille has an idea?



Any help is appreciated..


-Kelley Phillips

Kelley Phillips, email: Kelley.Phillips at infotechfl.com
Systems Analyst, Info Tech Inc.