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[xmlblaster] Question on pausing the update method long enough to process messages...

I am trying to learn how to use xmlBlaster. With that, I have written a
pretty basic class to subscribe to and publish messages. In this class, I
only subscribe to messages once and I only have one update() method,
however in that method I take the content of the message, covert it to a
xml DOM, edit some node values then I republish the message with a new key
and erase the original message then finally create a xml file to store in a
directory for another system to pick up. This class is on a scheduler that
runs every 2 mintues.

Currently, I am forcing a sleep period right after the code that subscribes
of 3 secs per message, like this:

if(updateCnt > 0)
      SubscribeKeyWrapper sk = new SubscribeKeyWrapper(sSubscribeKey,
      SubscribeQosWrapper sq = new SubscribeQosWrapper();
      SubscribeRetQos subRet = con.subscribe(sk.toXml(), sq.toXml());

      // Wait 3 secs for each message to ensure the update method has time
      // to complete...
      for(int ii=0; ii<updateCnt; ii++)
            try { Thread.currentThread().sleep(3000); }
            catch(InterruptedException i) {}

I have to do this to prevent the code below this from being executed. This
is not a viable solution though because of the number of messages that
could be in the queue at any given time.

How can I ensure that all messages I've subscribed to run through the
update method before continuring with any other processing? I've read about
setting the burstMode.collectTime as an argument, which I've tried, but
this didn't seem to solve my problem.

I also need to ensure that for the current call to my class, that the
update method doesn't get called by xmlBlaster when new messages are
published. I want the next call to my class to get any new published
messages and so on. So in other words, I want to subscribe to one set of
messages, call update for only that set of messages given enough time to
process as described above and stop and wait 2 minutes for this class to be
called again and repeat.

How can I control this?

Thanks so much,