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Re: [xmlblaster] Queue and starving

Ciao Michele,
in fact there is no mechanism to avoid such "starving" of low priority messages. I believe it is a correct behaviour to priorize high priority messages. If there are no free resources available to sent all messages, then it is correct to hold back low priority messages.

Of course you could discuss the fact that messages which are in the queue since a long time become a higher priority but this is a specific behaviour (you could have other such behaviours) which could be solved with a specific plugin.

Michele (Laghi)

Michele Ravani wrote:


I was strolling through the requirements and I don't know xmlblaster
(although from what I've seen it looks impressive), but a question came to
my mind reading the queue requirements:

How do you avoid starving of lower priority messages in a queue?
If the flow of higher priority ones is sustained enough, it would consume
the available resources, leaving lower priority messages unprocessed.