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[xmlblaster] Re: 'C' Socket based connection to xmlBlaster

Hi Raymond,

I'm writing a 'C' Win32 based utility to connect , publish and subscribe =
to the xmlBlaster. The documentation is not detailed enough. I've =
managed to connect and publish and then when I try and subsribe, I get =
nothing back.  I can issue a get and I get one message , ie the latest =
message back

I assume you are using the SOCKET protocol (or do you use XML-RPC?).

I would recommend to switch on debugging logs with xmlBlaster:

java org.xmlBlaster.Main -dump[socket] true -call[core] true -call[dispatch] true -trace[dispatch] true

and try a client:

 java HelloWorld3 -client.protocol SOCKET -dump[SOCKET] true

like this you can follow the path of a published message and compare it
to your situation.

Does anybody have any experince or example code that I could use.=20
As soon as I get reliable code I will publish it on this web page for =

Your contribution is very welcome. I know of two other implementations of a C SOCKET client lib for xmlBlaster, but they didn't contribute it. When you are ready to contribute i'll send you cvs write access. Note that contributors need to make a requirement (doc) of their coding and the testsuite should pass.

Best regards,