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Re: [xmlblaster] JdbcQueuePlugin won't load

I noticed a warning about useTopic=false (although I don't set it that
way in the property file). After looking at the template property
files supplied with xmlblaster, I added the following entries


This seems to tell xmlblaster to use the database for storing messages
(at least I'm getting sql exceptions that way ... I'm sure I can fix

So, I suggest you add to the documentation in 

that these flags have to be set.


On Tue, Feb 25, 2003 at 06:46:02PM -0500, Michael Atighetchi wrote:
> I have a xmlblaster scenario with 2 clients that communicate with
> eatch other via talking to a xmlblaster slave instance (which in turn
> talks to a master).
> I'd like to change the master so that it stores messages in a mysql
> database instead of keeping them in RAM. First, I changed the qos key
> on publishing messages to "<qos> <persistent /> </qos>". I also added the
> following line to the xmlblaster.properties file of the master:
> ProtocolPlugin[JDBC][1.0]=org.xmlBlaster.protocol.jdbc.JdbcDriver
> CbProtocolPlugin[JDBC][1.0]=org.xmlBlaster.protocol.jdbc.CallbackJdbcDriver
> QueuePlugin[JDBC][1.0]=org.xmlBlaster.util.queue.jdbc.JdbcQueuePlugin
> JdbcDriver.drivers=org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver
> queue.persistent.url=<...>
> queue.persistent.user=<...>
> queue.persistent.password=<...>
> cb.queue.persistent.url=<...>
> cb.queue.persistent.user=<...>
> cb.queue.persistent.password=<...>
> cb.queue.persistent.connectionPoolSize=3
> cb.queue.persistent.connectionBusyTimeout=90000
> cb.queue.persistent.maxWaitingThreads=300
> cb.queue.defaultPlugin=RAM,1.0
> cb.queue.persistent.tablePrefix=xmlBlaster
> cb.queue.persistent.tableAllocationIncrement=2
> NOTE: assume reasonable entries for <...>
> Upon starting up the master node, I see that the JdbcDriver
> initializes correctly:
> [Feb 25, 2003 6:31:08 PM INFO  JdbcDriver-/node/psq1] Started successfully JDBC driver with loginName=__sys__jdbc
> However, I don't see any printout for the JdbcQueuePlugin, but lots of
> printout for RamQueuePlugin.
> Upon starting up the clients, messages are still kept in RAM in the
> master, and not put into the mysql database.
> How can I change the configuration to use jdbc for storing messages ?
> Michael

matighet at bbn.com   BBN Technologies