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Re: [xmlblaster] cpp-lib: vc7 hangs up when compiling

Uwe Speck wrote:

Hi everyone,

Hi Uwe,

I tried to compile the cpp-lib with v7 running under Win 2000.

I used the following build.properties entries:

use-msvc    = 1
XMLCPP_HOME   = C:/Dev/xerces-c2_2_0-win32
XMLCPP_VER    = _2
corba.product = MICO
idl.cmd       = ${CORBACPP_HOME}/win32-bin/idl
thread.impl   = BOOST

And I used the following command line to build:

build cpp-lib -verbose

The problem: The batch file hangs with the following last messages:

[uptodate] File "E:\xmlBlaster\src\c++\generated\xmlBlaster.cpp" is
[echo] MICO stubs and skeletons for os=windows are up to date
[echo] Using C:/Dev/xerces-c2_2_0-win32/lib and xerces-c_2
[copy] Copying 1 file to E:\xmlBlaster\src\c++\util
[copy] Copying E:\xmlBlaster\src\c++\util\Global.cpp to
[copy] Replacing: at version at -> 0.843
[copy] Replacing: at build.timestamp at -> 03/19/2003 06:49 PM

I'm quite shure that the build.xml hangs up in the area

     <cc debug="${cpp.debug}" link="${CPP_LINK}"
         outfile="${lib.dir}/xmlBlasterClient" objdir="${build.dir}/obj"
         multithreaded="true" exceptions="true">

I just tried on Windows XP .net VC7 with mico 2.3.8 and xerces 2.2.2 with omnithreads
with the newest cvs xmlBlaster code and it compiled (java 1.4.1) without problems.

Please try a

 build.bat -verbose cpp

to see the command line and try to use this in a .bat file to find out
where the problem is.

I remember that i sometimes noticed a strange behaviour that the build.bat/build.sh hangs,
but after trying again it always worked out well (i believe the reason is the cpptasks
but i'm not shure).


Additionally I found out:

If I try to use vc6 the build does NOT hang at the position above. It tries to compile, but reports permanently "internal Compiler Errors".

vc6 does certainly not compile, it can't handle namespaces properly.

Can anybody help?



best regards