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[xmlblaster] Re: Login users information help

Zhou Dong wrote:

    In RequestBroker.java, I modified the sessionAdded method as following :

    SessionInfo sessionInfo = e.getSessionInfo();

    Address serverAddr = sessionInfo.getConnectQos().getData().getAddress();

CallbackAddress serverCBAddr=sessionInfo.getConnectQos().getData().getSessionCbQueueProperty().getCurrentCallbackAddress();

    Then, I want to get the client’s hostname, protocol, port,etc.

I use java HelloWorld2 –session.name Jeff –client.protocol XML-RPC –xmlrpc.hostname to connect the remote server:

The serverAddr.getType(),serverAddr.getPort(),serverAddr.getHostname() return the xmlBlaster Server’s protocol(IOR),port(3412),hostname

The serverCBAddr.getType(),serverCBAddr.getPort(),serverCBAddr.getHostname() return the client’s protocol(XML-RPC),hostname,but port is also 3412.

    How can I get the CLIENT’s protocol, hostname, port at server-side?


i'm not sure if i got your problem, but


should show everything (or the other above methods).
I have just fixed a bug where the address is fixed (use newest cvs).

hope it helps