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Re: [xmlblaster] About use asynchronous method invocation mechanism in XMLBlaster

zhang wrote:

Hello, sir!
The current corba dirver in xmlBlaster use synchronous CORBA method invocation to implement communication between client and xmlBlaster Server.
XMLBlaster is actually an asynchronous architecture for application integration in my opinion. But the asynchronous architecture is achieved through synchronous method invocation.

Yes, most methods have a return value and are therefor acknowledged.
For example publishOneway() is without return value (oneway) to have better performance.
The MoM paradigm are one layer above the 'raw' communication.

The CORBA Messaging provides asynchronous method invocation. I think we can use this asynchronous mechanism to implement xmlBlaster. Maybe performance can be achieved by using
asynchronous mechanism to implement xmlBlaster CORBA driver.

If you find a CORBA Messaging service with one of the CORBA vendors you are probably done
as CORBA messaging has many QoS features.

   My question is as follows:
   (1)Does this idea practically?

I don't think that this makes sense, CORBA messaging is well specified and does a lot of things.
MoM products life in parallel.

   (2) are there any MOM use asynchronous mechanism in their underware transprotation level?

What is asynchronous in your opinion?
A message is a little piece of information pushed over a socket.
If the above application logic supports some features like 'subscribe' for these informations or
queue them you have a MoM - thats the asynchronous thing about it.
'underware' transportation is not 'asynchronous', it is just a transportation layer.