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Re: [xmlblaster] publish timeout

Michael Atighetchi wrote:
Is there a way in XmlBlaster to timeout publish calls ? This would be
useful in situations where the connection from a client to a server
instance is ok, but the server is internally deadlocking and not
returning the publish call.

With the SOCKET protocol the parameter


does the magic, see

With JacORB i think the parameter


should help, see


With XmlRpc and RMI i don't know, please check the
homepages of the implementors.

I'm currently thinking about writing my own threading code around publish, but it certainly would be nicer to have it integrated into xmlblaster natively.

If you want to implement the timeout behaviour on a higher level you are welcome to code it directly into xmlBlaster to have it as an integral feature and others can benefit.

Note however that killing a blocking thread on a socket
is not possible in Java < 1.4.
If you use a delegate publish thread on client side
to solve your problem this thread is lost on blocking.