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Re: [xmlblaster] xmlBlaster in the real world

My thoughts on xmlBlaster...

All my life I have followed technology...
From the early days of Z80 based space
invader and gambling machines through to
todays computers.

I have only recently discovered xmlBlaster.

As soon as I read about it I decided that
this was the technology to provide so many
things that in the past had been difficult to do.

In the past I have written my own java client/server
stuff. One notable project was taking GPS data over gsm
from a black box and providing a java thin client
that displayed the data (map) and allowed you to control the
outputs from the black box. This task was difficult because
I had to write my own protocols (hdlc based) for communications
and reliability over the net was a problem.
If I had used xmlBlaster back then half of the challenge
would not have been there.

I beleive xmlBlaster has been developed out of
a need for this type of technology.

Since starting down this path I have found several
potential areas were xmlBlaster can be used and am currently
working on a demo to add additional features to an accounting package
(Legacy). Grab data from db (inventory data) and relaying it to the web
to load up OS Commerce db.

Just yesterday I had a meeting with an IT manager with a problem...
Namely to get production data (mysql) on the web to keep branch offices
up to date on when product will be ready.

I immediatly thought of xmlBlaster.

I for one can see the potential of xmlBlaster and do not need real world
examples to convince me.

Early implimentors are always faced with the dilema of "Have I made the
right decision".

All I can say is have faith in your decision.