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[xmlblaster] some questions about xmlblaster internal kernel

     I have some questions about xmlblaster's kernel:
1) I really want to know the detailed flow chart of a message from the client's publish, then client's queue , then xmlblaster engine's msgStore,RAM Cache , even persistence, ..., at last subscriber's recevier.  If  anybody have such  document or similar, I 'd like to share such with him.

2) I have read the testsuite and javaclient code in the xmlblaster distribution , both are rather similar, I 'd like to find some more advanced examples ,for examples: one oracle database-->xmlbaster-->another postgres db, or one oracle database-->xmlbaster-->a text file. If possible, are there any body who'd like to share these examples?

3) Compared with other open source projects like jboss , xmlblaster seems less populare. In my private view, one of resons is lack of  beginner's  tutorial , developer guide or other documents . Althoug the requirement book is good, the document is not enough.  If there are  good documents, more and more developers will use xmlblaster and xmlbaster is welcome.

Best Regards