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[xmlblaster] distributed cluster protocol

Xmlblaster team,

I'm planning on implementating a distributed protocol for pub/sub/and
query on top of xmlblaster, and am wondering which plugin would be
best fitted to do so.

To give you an example of my procotol, and publish will go to a
server (X). X then acks the message back to
the client, and disseminates the message on to 3 other
servers. Each server will then ack the message back to the client (so
obviously the message has to contain a client endpoint) and to X. The client
waits for 3 successful acks, and then terminates the publish method.

How difficult do you think would it be to implement such a protocol ?
Which plugin would one use ?
I was looking at I_Plugin and I_PublishFilter, but these plugins seem
less to be involved with message routing/handling, which is what I
believe I need.


matighet at bbn.com   BBN Technologies