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RE: [xmlblaster] Unsubscribing with pyBlaster

> In pyBlaster.py there is a typo at two places,
> it must be changed from 
>  unsubscribe -> unSubscribe
> hope it helps

Sure does. Thankyou very much.

Now. A few more questions/comments.

When I invoke startCallbackServer(port), does this set up a callback server
for all XmlBlasterCallbackClient instances, or just the one it was invoked

Do I need to invoke startShellServer? I assume not.

I have to supply a port to the callback server. There isn't any way of
saying "allocate an arbitrary port". If I change the code of
startCallbackServer to

    def startCallbackServer(self, port = 0) :

        self.callback_server = ThreadedXMLRPCServer(port, 

        allocport = self.callback_server.socket.getsockname()[1]
        self.callback_url = 'http://%s:%i/RPC2' % (gethostname(), allocport)

        print "\n==> ::STARTCALLBACKSERVER:: <=="
        print '      Success with callback_url= ', self.callback_url

Then I can allocate an unallocated port by passing in 0 as the argument.