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Re: [xmlblaster] finding out from MsgUnit weather it is publish or subscribe message

Hi Michele

> You don't use MsgUnits when subscribing so if you have a msgUnit in the 
> client interface, then it is a publish/publishOneway/publishArray, an 
> update or the return of a get.

I'm actually implementing some code in a publishfilter plugin that
tries to do certains things if the message is a publish message (and
other things if it is a subscribe). This is why I'm using

> >I noticed that KeyData has .isQuery, but no .isPublish or .isSubscribe
> >? Would it be hard to add these in ?
> >
> if isQuery is true then the KeyData object is a QueryKeyData which is 
> used in erase, get, unSubscribe and subscribe.
> If isQuery is false, then it is a MsgKeyData which is used in publish, 
> update and in the return value in get.
> If you need a finer division than query/Message then we could add the 
> methods you suggested (or a String getType() method returning "publish" 
> ...). But are you really working directly with KeyData ? in the 
> org.xmlBlaster.client.key package there are a set of decorators which 
> should be used instead.

I really need a finer granularity (either it is definitly a publish or
definitely a subscribe). Either a getType implementation or
.isSubscribe and .isPublish would be fine.


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