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Re: [xmlblaster] xmlBlasterClient.pl: SessionId '' is invalid + p atch

Madere, Colin wrote:

He's using the Java socket libs.  Working on a simple applet that doesn't
require the xmlBlaster jar files and such.

A successful connect() returns the secret sessionId which must be used in any subsequent call.
You need to extract it from the ConnectReturnQos by using our parser and:

  this.sessionId = connectReturnQos.getSecretSessionId();

of grepping it yourself.
See http://www.xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/interface.connect.html
how the xml markup looks like.
(In xmlBlaster/src/c/socket/xmlBlasterAccessUnparsed.c:432 i do it
if you use the current cvs version)

best regards


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Subject: Re: [xmlblaster] xmlBlasterClient.pl: SessionId '' is invalid + p

Osterman, Forrest wrote:

Could this be related to the error I am getting?

I am trying to send a subscribe message to xmlBlaster over a socket, without using the libraries. The message I get is "Your secretSessionId is invalid, no access to http_(my machine IP)

The message I sent was:

      63**I**13465*subscribe***<qos></qos>*<key oid='metinfo'/>*

msgLen[10] flag[6] requestId methodName sessionId lenUnzipped userData
+---------+-------+------ +---------+-------+-*----------*-----------*-----------*-----------+----

The sessionId is empty, without a secrest session ID there is no access to
xmlBlaster (it should be directly after "subscribe*".

Do you use the Java client lib or your own SOCKET C/C++ library?


I have gotten the latest version from CVS, and built it, but I still get this error.

-Forrest Osterman