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Re: [xmlblaster] SOCKET protocol

Osterman, Forrest wrote:

Hi, thanks for all the help, and quick replies. I'm still a little confused about some of this documentation on sending the
connection message. Your example message has this parameter:

<queue relating='callback' maxEntries='1000' maxBytes='4000000'
<callback type='IOR' sessionId='4e56890ghdFzj0' pingInterval='10000'
retries='-1' delay='10000' oneway='false' dispatchPlugin='undef'>
<burstMode collectTime='400' />
<compress type='gzip' minSize='3000'/> <ptp>true</ptp>

and the return message has all of this information except the compress type
and the ptp fields, and no additional information. Is the sessionID
'4e56890ghdFzj0' listed here the secret sessionID ? Is the client supposed
to randomly generate this ID before it makes the connection?

No, the server generates it. Your ConnectQos does usually not send ot (only on reconnect retries).