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[xmlblaster] 0.848 connection error

I've got only SOCKET turned on on the server (a CVS update done today around
12pm CDT) with a port of 7900.

I've got the client connecting specifying the protocol and port via command
line with all the new syntax (from a client machine running the downloaded
0.848 jar file).

I get an exception saying my Socket URL is bad and is "IOR:010203041020...".
Shouldn't it start with "socket?".  Error below:

[May 23, 2003 8:27:01 PM INFO  SocketConnection] Creating default callback
server type=SOCKET  
[May 23, 2003 8:27:01 PM INFO  SocketCallbackImpl-dummyLoginName] Started
callback receiver plugin on 'socket://'  
[May 23, 2003 8:27:01 PM ERROR BlasterClientTest] XmlBlasterException
errorCode=[resource.configuration.address] serverSideException=true
node=[xmlBlaster_192_168_200_195_3412] location=[SocketUrl] message=[Your
given SOCKET url
'IOR:000000000000004049444C3A6F72672E786D6C426C61737465722...' is invalid :

(I put in the '...' since the string was extrememly long.)

This exact client worked with the same settings before the update to 0.848.
Just changed the client command line syntax as required and server config
variable name to set the port.  Could the fact that the server is