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Re: [xmlblaster] Problem with publishing different keys

Andrea Wirth wrote:


I'm using an 'agent' to publish messages and a GUI to receive an sort them.
The agent publishes different messages with key oid's 'LINUX___OSD_GARAK___status' and 'LINUX___Test___status'. The logging straight before publishing gives out the correct oid's, but the GUI receives only either 'LINUX___OSD_GARAK___status' or 'LINUX___Test___status'. Nevertheless the content of these messages is the same as published by agent, so the GUI has problems to sort the messages correctly by oid.
I have used xmlBlaster 0.847 and then updated 0.848, but the problem still occurs.

Maybe xmlBlaster uses the same oid for all messages - which it gets at the first time the agent publishes?

thanks for help,

Hi Andrea,

after you have published your messages do a dump of xmlBlaster by typing d /tmp/dump.xml (Linux) or d C:\dump.xml (Win) in the console where xmlBlaster runs (or via telnet).

Then search in dump.xml your oids, if both are there the publisher works correct.

Now search the "ClientSubscriptions" section and check if your GUI has
properly subscribed.
If you can't see both subcriptions check you GUI code.