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[xmlblaster] Does XPATH filter apply to ClientTags?

I'm trying to filter using Xpath.  

FYI - I've set "-agent" on the command line to 1000 and I get it in the code
String agent = glob.getProperty().get("agent", "0001");

I've set the following in my code:

            String agentKey = new String("agent_"+agent);  

            PublishKey pk = new PublishKey(glob, oid, "text/xml", "1.0");
            pk.setClientTags("<org.xmlBlaster><demo/><" + agentKey +
">test</" +
 agentKey + "></org.xmlBlaster>"); 

This gets a tag set for agent_1000 above...

I subsequently publish the message.

Now, in my GUI/receiver I sign in as agent 1000, like this:

			sk =
				new SubscribeKey(
myClient.getJTextField().getText()+ "')]",

which sets my xpath filter to:
 <key queryType='XPATH'>

The messages don't arrive...  So, does an Xpath filter apply to the
clienttags?  I thought it applied to the entire message, but maybe it's just
the content?