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Re: [xmlblaster] embedded database for persistence

Peter Bennett wrote:

Sorry my bad....

What not to do....

Delete the copy of xmlBlaster that I compile from...
Replace with the local cvs copy...
Try to recompile without doing a cd ..
then cd xmlBlaster...

The directory was deleted... The console that is
in that directory looses track of all sub directories...

Usually doing

 cd xmlBlaster
 cvs upd -d -P

does automatically remove outdated directories.

build.sh delete
build.sh all

this should work always,




Peter Bennett wrote:


I am not sure what is going on here...

[javac] Compiling 554 source files to /home/pb/xmlBlaster/build/classes
[javac] /home/pb/xmlBlaster/build/src/xmlBlaster/org/xmlBlaster/engine/persistence/xmldb/xindice/XindiceProxy.java:15: package org.xmldb.api.base does not exist