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Re: [xmlblaster] c++ error!!

Hi Zhang,
1) Could you please tell me which Corba Implementation are you using ? I think you need one which supports multithreading.
2) Could you try to comment out the while loop ?


zhang wrote:
I have a program , a corba program
the idl defination is as following interface Hello {
void say_hello():

i want the function as follows : client->Server.say_hello and in say_hello, it connect to xmlblaster and subscribe to some topic
i program it following Externorb.cpp , transform the extern orb to kernel, but it seems that wrong
it think maybe the following kernerl function is wrong!! the while is wrong??

void CorbaConnection::createCallbackServer(POA_clientIdl::BlasterCallback *implObj) {
if (implObj) {
if (log_.trace()) log_.trace(me(), "Trying resolve_initial_references ...");
CORBA::Object_var obj = orb_->resolve_initial_references("RootPOA");
if (log_.trace()) log_.trace(me(), "Trying narrowing POA ...");
poa_ = PortableServer::POA::_narrow(obj.in());
PortableServer::POAManager_var poa_mgr = poa_->the_POAManager();
// _this() incarnates with the servant ...
callback_ = implObj->_this();
CORBA::String_var tmp = orb_->object_to_string(callback_);
callbackIOR_ = tmp;

     while (orb_->work_pending()) orb_->perform_work();
     // add exception handling here !!!!!

I trace into the kenrerl and find that it is the defaultCallbakcServer is not
activated , and the server side call its ping error.

Can somebody explain this error to me?
thanks !!

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