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[xmlblaster] RE: Durable subscriptions


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> how to implement persistent subscriber in xmlblaster.
> The enviroment is c++ , xmlblaster 848 version.
> for example,
>   I run the  xmlblaster server.  a publisher , a subscriber;
>   publisher publish 100 message,
>   subscriber receive 10 message , then shutdown the subsciber,
>  I want restart the subscriber, and the subscriber receive the remaining 90 message.
Here is an example in Java:

java org.xmlBlaster.Main

java javaclients.HelloWorldPublish -numPublish 100

(hit a key to publish messages)

java javaclients.HelloWorldSubscribe
     -session.name joe/2
     -dispatch/callback/retries -1
     -multiSubscribe false
     -dispatch/callback/pingInterval 2000

Now you can hit a key to subcribe, kill the subcriber
publish some more messages, restart the subscriber
and the messages arrive.

1. -session.name joe/2
  assures that you reconnect to the same session id '2'

2. -dispatch/callback/retries -1
  assures that xmlBlaster does not destroy the joe/2
  session when the callback of the subscriber disappears

3. -dispatch/callback/pingInterval 2000
  is just that xmlBlaster server pings the callback server
  every 2 seconds instead of every minute (this is optional)

4. -multiSubscribe false
  when the subscriber restarts it does the same subscribe
  again and you would receive the messages twice.
  Setting this to 'false' will ignore duplicate identical
  (An alternative solution:
   We could change the code of HelloWorldSubscribe to
   check if it has reconnected to the previous session
   and in this case not do a subscribe anymore).

I have not tried this with C++ but it should work as well.
Note that the C++ client library does resubscribe automatically
on reconnect if necessary (is this true Michele??)