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Re: [xmlblaster] error report in JdbcManagerCommonTable.java: fix for the fix

Hi pikaiyuan,
yes I see that the change to make it use binary streams creates now an
exception in the addBatch method. The exception is then catched and what
you propose, i.e. to add every entry in an own transaction is already
done in the current code inside the following catch (i.e. line 1053).
The entry has been added in single mode.


pikaiyuan wrote:
> Hi,MarcelRuff
> 	I had got another problem in JdbcManagerCommonTable.java after having modify the setBytes() method.
> 	I using the oracle 9i database and oracle 9i jdbc driver for xmlblaster, and warning is reported like this:
> 	[2003-9-3 11:14:05 WARN  JdbcManagerCommonTable-XB_-xmlBlaster_192_168_80_11_3412-callback_nodei 
> xmlBlaster_192_168_80_11_3412clientpky1-addEntries()] Could not insert entries: java.sql.SQLExcep
> tion: streams type cannot be used in batching
> 	When i trace the code, warning occurs at line 1032 in JdbcManagerCommonTable.java(addBatch()
> 	 method), because of streams type cannot be used in batching model(we used setBinaryStream() method).
> 	The temporary solution is execute executeUpdate() in each circulate, and commit later.
> 	Is there any good idea?
> 	any help is appreciate!
> pikaiyuan
> pi_kyuan at cvicse.com
> 2003-09-13

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