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Re: [xmlblaster] perl demo cbServer.pl/testpub.pl causes null pointer error in server

Dominique Petitpierre wrote:

just to let you know that the demo cbServer.pl/testpub.pl in
xmlBlaster/demo/perl/xmlrpc/ does not behave as expected:

1) Callback server seems OK
% perl cbServer.pl http://myhost:8080
Connected to xmlBlaster server on http://myhost:8080

Login success with sessionId=sessionId:

Listening for callbacks on

Try 'perl testpub.pl http://myHost:8080' in another console, you should receive the update here
(waits here, no more messages)

2) testpub fails:
% perl testpub.pl http://myHost:8080

Trying to connect to xmlBlaster server on http://myHost:8080 ...

Login success on http://myHost:8080, got secret sessionId=sessionId: Fault returned from XML RPC Server, fault code 0: java.lang.Exception: errorCode=internal.nullpointer message=errorCode=internal.publish: An internal error occurred when processing a publish() request. /node/xmlBlaster_10_194_17_16_3412/client/testpubUser/-14 : java.lang.NullPointerException

3) the last message in the server log is:
A null pointer is an xmlBlaster internal programming error, please post it to the mailing list.

So here I comply :-).

Thanks for reporting this 'programming error' :-)

The bug is fixed now (in the current cvs), it occurred when the destroy delay
of a topic was set to 0.