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[xmlblaster] Server drops subscriptions after 24hrs. ?

I left a system running with several clients connected to an xmlBlaster
server.  There was definite activity over all the clients and the server
every 15 minutes.  After 24 hours, however, all topics lost their
subscriptions.  I don't have the xmlBlaster logs, but my clients did not
log anything unusual.

I just noticed that in the ConnectQoS there is a session.timeout
setting.  From the REQ:

	session.timeout 86400000 Session span of life is one day, given
in millis. 0 sets life span to infinite. 

>From the API docs:

	public void setSessionTimeout(long timeout)
		Timeout until session expires if no communication

(There is a discrepancy in the docs here.)
Apparently (if it *is* THIS timeout that is closing my subscriptions),
the session expires even if there IS activity.  Please correct me if I'm
wrong, or if there is something else causing my subscriptions to drop,
what could it be?  Thanks....