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Re: [xmlblaster] Problem with GET with <history numEntries='5'>

Giambattista Saldi wrote:
I'm trying Xmlblaster with TCP socket in C
XmlBlaster 0.85b

There is also a problem with unsubscribe topic
if i do 2 time the unsubribe commmand on the same topic

key = "<key oid='HelloWorld'/>";
qos = "<qos/>";
response = xa.unSubscribe(xa, key, qos, &xmlBlasterExcp);

the second time the program is blocked and get the following exception :
Caught exception during unsubscibe errorCode=resource.exhaust
Waiting on response for 'unSubscribe()' with requestId=6 timed out after
blocking 60000 millis

The second unsubscribe is an errore because i have already unsubcribed the
topic, but
blocking the program for 1 min. i think is not a correct answare.

Hi Giamba,

this bug is now fixed in the release 0.85d



Thank's in advance Giamba