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[xmlblaster] RUNNING C++ Client for Blaster.

Hi all ,

Iam running xmlBlaster in windows platform.

I have a java client for xmlBlaster embedded as an applet in IE.

Iam using the socket protocol in the Java client.

Currently iam giving all permissions in the Java.policy file to enable permissions for applet client.

Since there are permission/security issues i thought i can use a c++ client.

I want to test the c++ client for xmlBlaster.

Can i use the jdk's default CORBA package for CORBA product in build.xml.

More info on building a c++ client will be of great help.

please let me know if anyone has tested the HTTP CALL BACK FRAME WORK of xmlBlaster in IE.

Any Suggestions for building a xmlBlaster client for IE will be helpful.

Thanks in advance


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