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Re: [xmlblaster] Liberty Data Base Connectivity.

Hi Peter,

How many docs do I need to make and what do I call them?
How do I handle the reference to the ldbc package web site?
Or is it worth while including a jar file with xmlBlaster.
Personally I put things like the ldbc.jar file in JDK_HOME/jre/lib/ext
along with all the other jdbc drivers and much prefer compiling the package myself.

I think one requirement should make it.
for the name queue.jdbc.ldbc.xml or queue.jdbc.liberty.xml would do it.

I think the best way to go regarding jar files is to put them under $XMLBLASTER/lib (provided it is LGPL or a similar license). Also make an addition to the LICENSE file in the same directory. This way the user does not need to download separately a lot of additional stuff.

The code base needs to be shoved into beta and then brought up to standard...

I am going to update to the latest release and test today and tomorrow.

great I am looking forward to it.

Finally I need to move on to what I want to do with xmlBlaster as opposed to making it work with MySQL. I am sure there are others with far more expertise in the area of Jdbc's and SQL. Releasing the plugin
will show if it is a runner or not and then I can move on.


Regards Michele