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Re: [xmlblaster] Initial updates question

Hi David,
if I understood you right:

you can do that with:
the qos.setHistoryQos(...) in your SubscribeQos (you also need to configure the history queue to be large enough). You must however be able to find out yourself when the client crashed.

Even better I think is to set your connection to failsafe (see client.failsafe requirement). When your client is gone, the callback server will poll until he is reconnected again storing the new messages in the callback queue. Once the client reconnects (he must reconnect with the same public positive sessionId) the callback queue content will be dispatched to your client.

Finally, if what you really wanted was to get the initial update of a topic which has been created while you were gone, then I don't know a simple way of doing it.

Cheers Michele

David Hooker wrote:

I want to subscribe to a topic and get only those messages which I
haven't seen yet.

For instance, suppose my client dies, and someone publishes some
messages on a topic.  Let's say that the messages have a lifetime of 1

Now, when my client comes up, I want him to get initial updates of only
the new messages he hasn't seen yet.

How do I do this?  Is there API support in xmlBlaster for this?  If not,
how can I implement this in my client?


Michele Laghi
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