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[xmlblaster] I_Callback


How can I prevent my client which implements I_Callback interface to logout
prematurely before all the updates have been received into callback receiver

I am trying to use socket protocol and getting: 

[14-nov.-2003 13:13:54 INFO 
MsgErrorHandler-/node/thomas_laptop/client/mon_01/-77] We are the last session taking care on PtP message
02', putting it back to subject queue
[14-nov.-2003 13:13:54 WARN 
MsgErrorHandler-/node/thomas_laptop/client/mon_01/-77] Callback server is lost, killing login session of client
callback:/node/thomas_laptop/client/mon_01/-77: XmlBlasterException
errorCode=[communication.noConnection.dead] serverSideException=true node=[thomas_laptop]
location=[SOCKET-HandleClientRequest-mon_01] message=[update() invocation ignored, we
are shutdown. :Original erroCode=communication.noConnection]

Kind regards,

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