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Re: [xmlblaster] Oracle Configuration

Hi Valerio,
I tried it myself on postgres and it works.

I suggest you check the following:

- is the driver really in the system classpath ?
  ojdbc14.jar, ojdbc14_g.jar and ocrs12.zip

The suggestion Peter gave you should make it. If you use several java vm it could be convenient to put your drivers into $XMLBLASTER_HOME/lib and add the files to the classpath in $XMLBLASTER_HOME/.bashrc.

- make sure the driver you want to use is listed in the xmlBlaster.properties file in your home directory under JdbcDriver.drivers (for 9.1 it was oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver, I don't know if it changed). Important here is that there are no white spaces between the drivers. If you use multiple lines terminate every line with a backslash ('\').

- make sure the lines

   <plugin id='JDBC' className='org.xmlBlaster.protocol.jdbc.JdbcDriver'>
      <action do='LOAD' onStartupRunlevel='4' sequence='5' />
      <action do='STOP' onShutdownRunlevel='3' sequence='1'/>

are there and not commented out in the xmlBlasterPlugins.xml file in your home directory.

- make sure the url, user and pass which you pass to the client are correct.

That should do it. If it still does not work check that you don't have some other crap in the CLASSPATH (for example an older driver).

If it still does not work enable trace and call when starting the server and send the log file to us.


Valerio Parola wrote:
I have oracle 9.2 and java vm 1.4.
I try to connect xmlblaster with oracle but the xmlblaster don't find the
I verified the oracle driver path and I've done the steps which described in
engine.service.rdbms, but nothing special and I can't understand why!
What can I do? What is the steps to install a comunication between
xmlblaster and oracle?


Michele Laghi
mailto:laghi at swissinfo.org
tel. +46 8 7492952 / mob. +46 70 4103964