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Re: [xmlblaster] Which XPathFilter is used

Stefan Lischke wrote:
Hi there,

I'm just wondering which XML Filter technique is used within xmlBlaster.
You guys use FSM (finite state machines) like used in XFilter or YFilter or you have your own way?

For the internal DOM we use com.fujitsu.xml.omquery.DomQueryMgr: "XPath Version 0.92.2 from Takuki Kamiya, Fujitsu Limited, 2000-april XPath interface for XT provides for DOM query API facilities on top of XT. It is implemented in Java language and complies with W3C's XPath Proposed Recommendation as is currently implemented in XT."

For the additional filter plugins ('full text search') there is
one from Peter Antman:

You can easily implemented other plugins.

Can I filter with the XPath 1.0 compliant expressions or is it reduced to a subset of XPath (without some axes).

You have any actual throughput measurements?
Is your throughput depending on the number of Filters? I found an independing approach which has over 1 Mill Xpath filters and reached a throughput of 5.4MB/s

Just write a little testcase for your problem domain. If you find solutions to improve bottlenecks please report them to us. Your above mentioned filter approach you can probably easy embed into an xmlBlaster mime plugin.



thanx a lot for further informations