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[xmlblaster] possible problem about JDBC Driver


A possible bug is discovered!

Use the JDBC Driver to query a database table, where the colum in the table can be NULL value-assigned.
The data in this colum is NULL.
Use the SELECT type query SQL to query the underground database, it report error!

[2004-4-20 20:06:14 ERROR DBAdapterUtils] Error in scanning result set for 'FQSMD':
errorCode=legacy message=Error in scanning result set for 'FQSMD': null
at org.xmlBlaster.protocol.jdbc.DBAdapterUtils.createDocument(DBAdapterUtils.java:188)

at org.xmlBlaster.protocol.jdbc.XmlDBAdapter.queryDB(XmlDBAdapter.java:209)
at org.xmlBlaster.protocol.jdbc.XmlDBAdapter.query(XmlDBAdapter.java:149)
at org.xmlBlaster.protocol.jdbc.XmlDBAdapterWorker.run(XmlDBAdapterWorker.java:73)

[2004-4-20 20:06:14 ERROR XmlDBAdapter] Unexpected exception in query 'select *
from CarTechDoc' : errorCode=legacy message=Error in scanning result set for 'FQSMD': null: We destroy the connection in case it's stale

I think the reason is DBAdapterUtils doesnot handle the possible NULL value problem. The FQSMD field is a date field

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