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Re: [xmlblaster] can cpp client save messages if lost connection?

pikaiyuan wrote:
> Hello,everyone
> 	 the scenario is: the connection to xmlblaster is lost when my cpp publisher send messages, and i wish the messages can be saved in database or ram.

Currently the C++ client will queue messages in RAM during
lost connection and polls for the server.
If the connection is reestablished the messages in the client
side C++ RAM queue are sent.

A persistent C++ queue implementation is currently missing.
This would support a crashing C++ client to restore tail back messages
in the client queue to recover.

I'm working on a C based client persistent queue which uses
www.SQLite.org (an embedded C SQL DB). The queue implementation
itself is functional and tested and i hope to integrate it as a C++ plugin
during this week, see


> another question:
>      java client has persistent connection,does cpp client have?

Yes, see

  xmlBlaster/demo/c++/bin> HelloWorld2 -help

and try playing the options with PublishDemo and SubscribeDemo
in the same directory.



>      any suggestion?
> thanks any way        
> 			   pikaiyuan
> 			   2004-04-27