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Re: [xmlblaster] i got a question about Global in cpp client

I made the Global copy constructor public (the code is on the cvs). Note
that you are responsible for the management of the "copy" Global. You
must ensure in your code to delete this "copy" Global before the
mananged Global (i.e. the one which you get with getInstance).


pikaiyuan wrote:
> Hi,everybody
> 	There has a getClone() method in Global.java to get a deep copy of
> the global instance,but there miss in cpp code.
>     I want to get a deep copy of the global object in my cpp client,but
> the Global in cpp client is singleton instance, and changing the singleton
> model looks like unwise, can you me any suggestion?
> regards
> 			   pikaiyuan
> 			   2004-05-17	   

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