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Re: [xmlblaster] reconnection problems

Hi Wojtek,

I tried out what you described and both cases work fine by me.

*) Are you using failsafe mode (i.e. -dispatch/connection/retries -1 and -dispatch/callback/retries -1) ?
*) are you sure that all published messages reach the server (i.e. on which side of the cable is the publisher ?)

Before testing again make sure you remove old stuff from the DB (if you use hsqldb you can delete all xmlBlaster* files in the ${HOME}/tmp directory. This to make sure you removed the old session.

If you still experience the problem set traces on let us know the exact settings you used (command line and qos flags used).


wojtek wrote:
Marcel Ruff wrote:

wojtek wrote:


I connect to xmlBlaster using persistent subscriber. It connects using SOCKET address, makes few subscriptions and receives messages (asynchronously) from server. After some time, when I disconnect my network cable, the connection's state changes to POLLING. When I connect the network cable again, the connection's state changes to ALIVE but the subscriber doesn't receive messages. What's more, when I shutdown the subscriber (without invoking 'disconnect') ant start it again, it receives only new messages (those messages that were sent by publisher till I started subscriber again, were lost). Am I doing something wrong ? Btw - I'm using version 0.901.

I think this is fixed in 0.903,

I've just checked 0.903 and it doesn't work


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