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Re: [xmlblaster] ConsumableQueuePlugin

Michele wrote:
>You should avoid this by setting initialUpdate='false'
>Now of course you are afraid to loose messages while the client is 
>offline. Don't worry: as always xmlBlaster has a solution for you: 
>failsafe callback. Invoke on the subscriber's command line (for example):
>-dispatch/callback/retries -1 -dispatch/callback/delay 5000
>Then your messages (the ones you define as interim messages) are nicely 
>delivered to your callback queue even if you are not there. Once you 
>connect again you get all the messages published while you where gone.
Thanks for your fast reply! Setting the -dispatch/callback/retries param & initialUpdate=false did the trick.

>In fact if Client1 has connected in failsafe mode (and with no session 
>timeout) he can go on vacation after having subscribed (and leaved 
>without calling disconnect) and never come back again.
Does this mean if callback retries=-1 then this client's callback queue is preserved indefinitely (at least until the client explicitly unsubscribes, disconnects, or xmlblaster is restarted)? In other words, with this configuration, the client onlys need to successfully subscribe once in order for the its session callback queue to be maintained?

I also see now why you said I no longer have to erase the message. But does the admin get completely erase the message from the message store or just from that session's callback queue? I just don't want messages taking up space in the main message store after they've been processed. So I figure if I publish messages with the qos params: <persistent/><expiration lifeTime='20000' forceDestroy='true'/>, the message is guaranteed to be deleted from the message store after 20 seconds, regardless of whether it was processed. But when I tried setting the expiration lifetime, I discovered that the message still remained on the server (well past 20 seconds) when I ran a normal xpath get query on //key. I even set the destoryDelay=20000 when I published the message. Thoughts?