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[xmlblaster] Minimal local configuration

I'm embedding XmlBlaster into a framework and would like to setup an absolutely minimal configuration. Is there some documentation or a sample setup that meets the criteria of a local-only protocol, persistent messages and durable subscribers (I'm using administrative get) using hsqldb?

Also, I'm using the following args to startup the embedded server:

// start-up an embedded XmlBlaster instance
String[] serverArgs = { "-bootstrapPort",
// For all protocol we may use set an alternate server port
"" + myServerPort, "-plugin/socket/port",
"" + (myServerPort - 1), "-plugin/rmi/registryPort",
"" + (myServerPort - 2), "-plugin/xmlrpc/port",
"" + (myServerPort - 3), "-ClientProtocolPlugin[LOCAL][1.0]",
"-protocol", "LOCAL", "-admin.remoteconsole.port", "0" };

which were copied from the XmlBlaster tests. Can this be reduced at all?

Ideally I would have 2 configurations, one for production with maximum reliability/stability and one for running unit/acceptance tests where XmlBlaster startup/shutdown speed is the critical factor.