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Re: [xmlblaster] receiveTimestampHumanReadable

Joanne wrote:
I'm trying to force a human readable timestamp within the qos of messages, but the server output reads:

[Jun 14, 2004 4:20:29 PM ERROR AddressBase] Ignoring unknown attribute receiveTimestampHumanReadable in callback section.

when I try to set the <callback> tag with something like: <callback type='SOCKET' sessionId='%s' receiveTimestampHumanReadable='true' useForSubjectQueue='true' pingInterval='1000' retries='-1' delay='1000' oneway='false' dispatchPlugin='undef'>

Am I not setting it correctly?

Sorry, this is not implemented correctly, we had planned to add such a QoS to the SubscribeQos and GetQos.

With Java clients you can use org.xmlBlaster.Timestamp to convert it yourself,
here an example on command line:

java org.xmlBlaster.util.Timestamp 1076677832527000001

 <timestamp nanos='1076677832527000001'>
  2004-02-13 14:10:32.527000001

Look into Timestamp.java in main() for the code how to do it,