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Re: [xmlblaster] The timeout handle '2004-05-13 09:39:53.128' is unknown, no timeout refresh

Thanks for that fast reply!

I do not think that it leads to instabilities, but i am not really sure.
I don't have more information.

How long will it take to remove it from the code?


Michele Laghi wrote:

Hi Christian,
I believe this is not a bug. We should however remove the stack dump which is somewhat missleading. We will remove it from the code.

After this happended did you notice instabilities ?


trace Christian Brugger wrote:


after long running times the sporadically following error arises. What means these, how we can fix it?

Our environment seems like following:
Client A send a asynchronous message to Client B and waits for a async response some time.
The request is is ready for response after 2 ms.
and after 40 ms the error arises in the publish method.

errorCode=internal.unknown message=The timeout handle '2004-05-13 09:39:53.128' is unknown, no timeout refresh done

at org.xmlBlaster.util.Timeout.refreshTimeoutListener(Timeout.java:279)
at org.xmlBlaster.util.Timeout.addOrRefreshTimeoutListener(Timeout.java:307)

at org.xmlBlaster.util.dispatch.DeliveryConnection.handleTransition(DeliveryConnection.java:336)

at org.xmlBlaster.util.dispatch.DeliveryConnection.send(DeliveryConnection.java:196)

at org.xmlBlaster.util.dispatch.DeliveryConnectionsHandler.send(DeliveryConnectionsHandler.java:357)

at org.xmlBlaster.util.dispatch.DeliveryWorker.run(DeliveryWorker.java:76)
at org.xmlBlaster.util.dispatch.DeliveryManager.putPre(DeliveryManager.java:446)

at org.xmlBlaster.util.dispatch.DeliveryManager.putPre(DeliveryManager.java:425)

at org.xmlBlaster.util.queue.ram.RamQueuePlugin.put(RamQueuePlugin.java:642)

at org.xmlBlaster.client.XmlBlasterAccess.queueMessage(XmlBlasterAccess.java:551)

at org.xmlBlaster.client.XmlBlasterAccess.publish(XmlBlasterAccess.java:694)

Here some information about the environment: jdk 1.3 on solaris 8 xmlBlaster 0.9