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Re: [xmlblaster] Adminstrative get and filtering

Robert Leftwich wrote:
Is it possible to specify additional filtering on an administrative get so that the client will receive only a specific message, e.g. using a message specific xpath? What I am trying to do is to implement something similar to .Net's messaging ReceiveByCorrelationId functionality, where the correlation id is a part of the application level message data.


Hi Robert,

why do you need administrative get instead of a normal get()?

XmlBlaster supports filtering plugins with normal get() and subscribe() invocations
but not with administrative get().

The only benefit of administrative get(oid="__cmd:...") is to be able
to query internal xmlBlaster states (like the logged in users or queue sizes)
and with Micheles hack to be able to make a consuming message retrieve.
If you don't need this feature you should stay with normal get(oid="<a topic>")

If your intention is to implement a request/reply pattern you
should add the request correlationId as a ClientProperty into the
PublishQos and the return message is a PtP message containing
this correlationId,